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Besucht uns auf der Power of the Force, vom 04.05. - 05.05.2024 in Köln
Besucht uns auf der Power of the Force, vom 04.05. - 05.05.2024 in Köln
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F Talon

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Do you feel the dark side of the force flowing through you? Yes? Then the F-Talon has found you. Straightforwardly beautiful and functionally processed quality is waiting to be unleashed by you. Choose the blade color of your choice and the darkest sound of the soundboard integrated in the handle and show your duel opponent what the F-Talon is capable of in your hands.

With a blade length of 82 cm, the F-Talon does not have to hide from other blades and can make up for it with mobility what slightly longer blades should have in range.




 Are you interested in a self-configured sword?
  • tailor-made and adjusted to YOU as a fighter.
  • most of the models available as empty hilt
  • individual electronic kits as insert
  • Baselit, Cree-LED (not all models), Neopixel, GHV3, Proffie 2.2
  • Baselit blades are suitable for full contact fighting and dueling.
  • Neopixel blades are designed for medium and show fights
  • many swords can be used as staff or double blade.
ATTENTION: A clutch is needed for this.

Do you have any other custom requests, ideas or special ideas? Then go to our contact form and get in touch!