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Besucht uns auf der Power of the Force, vom 04.05. - 05.05.2024 in Köln
Besucht uns auf der Power of the Force, vom 04.05. - 05.05.2024 in Köln

About Silver Dragon Sabers

Silver stands for lightness, freedom, speed and clarity. Silver is the color of distance, politeness and the coolest form of affection. Silver is associated with intellect, cleverness and accuracy. Silver appears neutral.

Dragons are generous, benevolent creatures credited with wisdom, experience, and courage. Joining the two in the path of the silver dragon, both sides will transfer their essence to whoever is willing to follow that path. New Nakamura-style school,

Nakamura kaze ni kagayaku ginryó no inazuma-shin.

The School of the Silver Dragon is a place of serenity, clarity and freedom. The joy of work and the desire to learn are the hallmarks of this school. The students learn not only technically, but also with regard to social behavior and teamwork. This school stands for sustainability and respect for the roots of Japanese Budo.
Each employee not only contributes their own expertise, but also strives to work according to the highest quality standards and to ensure consistently high customer satisfaction. At Silver Dragon Sabers there is a relaxed atmosphere, each employee is shown a lot of respect for their job in general - which also helps to achieve positive results in customer service or training programs, among other things.